“Kensington is young, witty, spirited, and dedicated. Seems like a lot for a young lady, but she is wise beyond her years - especially when it comes to her music. She knows what she wants to do, and expressing it comes naturally.”

Nashville Music Guide couldn’t have said it better. 21-year-old American singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is a “natural born star.”

The complex textures of Moore’s soulful voice will grab your attention with her crisp, yet subtle rasp. Through unique arrangements and mind-blowing melodies, she beautifully weaves together her honest lyrics to create a polished work of art.

Her dedication, work ethic, and genuine heart to inspire others is immediately recognized by everyone she meets. Unlike many songwriters in today’s world, Moore’s intentions are so much deeper than “making a hit.”

Moore has several exciting projects planned for 2019. Her next single is set to release in February.

“Her bright personality, uniquely gifted voice, and deep love for the industry is sure to continue to set her apart. Kensington Moore is a star.”



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